10 Ways To Enhance Your NFL Viewing Experience

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Dress The Part

We’re not talkin' face-painting.

Dress The Part: There are other ways to support the team. The most traditional would be the jersey. But there are so many ways to approach that.

The Most Popular Player

This shows you are clearly on top of the game and ready for this week. But in order to pull this off you'd better know your stuff and be ready to stick by your player no matter how poorly he plays.

The Throwback

A way to let others know you've been a fan for years and miss the good old glory days before Dan Snyder took over.


The Obscure Player

This has to be my favorite. From a Jets Tom Tupa jersey to a Vikings Onterrio Smith obscure jersey - they are hilarious. When wearing these jerseys though, attitude is extremely important. It can be difficult to pull it off and it not be seen as simply mocking your favorite team.


The Customized

You have to be extremely creative to pull this one off. In the case of the above you also have to be extremely large.

One thing we do not suggest is a non-regulation jersey...

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