Top 10 Playoff Rivalries

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Top 10 Playoff Rivalries

Canadians-Bruins ... it doesn't get much better than this in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Both teams are still stewing over Zdeno Chara's brutal shot on the Habs' Max Pacioretty in a regular-season game that knocked the latter unconscious and prompted an investigation by Montreal police.

But as bad blood goes, this was but a trickle in this storied rivalry that spans 87 years and 33 playoff series. In 1955, after the Habs' Hall of Famer Maurice 'Rocket' Richard basically went nuts after a high-sticking foul by the Bruins, his resulting suspension led to what's known as the 'Richard Riot' on St. Patrick's Day in Montreal. These teams faced each other seven times in the Stanley Cup Finals in the days of the Original Six, with the Canadiens winning each time.

Boston would have the upper-hand in another playoff rivalry ... in a different sport. The Celtics have owned the Los Angeles Lakers whenever the teams met in the NBA Finals, winning the first eight encounters. But the Lakers have pushed back in recent years, winning three of the teams' last four showdowns, including last year's Finals in which the Lakers prevailed in a tense Game 7. If these two teams should meet again in this year's Finals, the Lakers would get a chance to equal the Celtics with their own championship banner 17.

With the NBA and NHL playoffs are in full swing, we thought it's an ideal time to review these most intense of playoff rivalries. But of course, we are not going to neglect our national pastime and another sport that seems pretty popular as well. So here are our Top 10 Playoff Rivalries of All Time.

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