Top 10 Pro Football Dynasties

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Top 10 Pro Football Dynasties

What makes a dynasty? First, you have to win the Super Bowl or a league championship - or, in the case of the Green Bay Packers, both. So, unfortunately, as much as we'd love to include the Buffalo Bills for making four straight Super Bowls, losing all four keeps them off the list.

Second, you have to do it again.

Or again and again.

The New England Patriots made history on Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons. With the win, Tom Brady became the first quarterback in history to win five Super Bowls and Bill Belichick the first coach to do so. The Patriots win their second Super Bowl title in four years and fifth since 2001.

Looking back over the last 100 years, and listed here in chronological order, are the Top 10 Pro Football Dynasties.

(Compiled by Brian Colella)

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