Top 10 Sports Broadcast Theme Music

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Top 10 Sports Broadcast Theme Music

This weekend, newly minted La Liga champions Atletico Madrid will head to Portugal to face off with their royalist crosstown rivals for the title of Europe's top team. But before that happens, viewers at home and fans in the stadium in Lisbon will have their hearts set to pounding by a chorus of heavenly voices singing "The Champions!" It sounds hokey, but in practice it works. You know that what you're about to watch is important.

And that's what the best sports music does. It lets you know, in an instantly recognizable four-, five-, or six-note string, that you're in the right place. Think ESPN SportsCenter's "duh-nuh-nuh, duh-nuh-nuh." You hear that, and you know what you're about to get. Other themes can, in 30 seconds, cause instant nostalgia and inspire chills like the best movie scores.

From people you've never heard of to renowned composers, these songs have a variety of origins but they all serve their purpose - to get you excited for what you're about to watch. Here's our Top 10 TV Sports Broadcast Theme Music.

(Compiled by Brian Colella)

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