Top 10 Stanley Cup Stories

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Top 10 Stanley Cup Stories

The Stanley Cup is the most iconic of all sports trophies. In fact, Canadians might argue that Lord Stanley’s Cup is the finest piece of art ever created.

It has a longer history than most other trophies in sports – it’s even older than the NHL itself. Its origin dates back to 1892 when Lord Stanley, the Governor General of Canada, donated a Cup to be held “by the champion hockey team in the Dominion (of Canada)."

Lord Stanley set forth his conditions for the Cup, the first of which was that, “The winners to return the Cup in good order when required by the trustees in order that it may be handed over to any other team which may win it.”  But, throughout the years, as players follow tradition by spending their day with the Cup, not everyone has followed Lord Stanley’s original proclamation.

If the Stanley Cup could, talk it would have more sordid tales than Mick Jagger, Wilt Chamberlain, and Bill Clinton combined.  And that’s just from what has been made public – who knows what has been withheld to protect the integrity of some players, and perhaps more importantly, the Cup itself.  A Baptismal, an ice cream bowl, and even a bathroom for a newborn – it’s safe to say some of the Top 10 Stanley Cup Stories are not what Lord Stanley had in mind.

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