Top 10 Weirdest Mascots

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6. Burnie

Burnie – Miami Heat

What would the Philly Phantic look like on an acid trip?  It appears the Miami Heat tried to answer that question when they thought up "Burnie," who resembles a flame with a basketball for a nose.

Burnie has his own page and a profile on the Heat's site.  Fun Fact about Burnie: he's been sued in federal court.

In 1994, Burnie was taken to court for dancing with a woman at an exhibition game in Puerto Rico during a time-out.  The woman was the wife of a Federal Judge and as she pulled away from Burnie, she fell down.  Somehow, Burnie faced 20 years in jail for aggravated assault and battery, and was also sued for $1 million in emotional distress.  The case was settled for $50,000.

We don't want to know what would have happened to Burnie had he wound up in prison.

Top 10 Weirdest Mascots

6 / 11
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