Top 10 Weirdest Sports Injuries

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John Smoltz's Hot Iron

You'll probably notice a theme during this list, and it’s because baseball players are good at injuring themselves doing the stupidest things imaginable. Take Atlanta Braves pitcher John Smoltz, for instance, who “allegedly” burned himself while ironing a shirt … while he was wearing it.

Smoltz vehemently denies the claim to this day, but articles in both the New York Times and Atlanta Journal-Constitution about the incident make it a dubious denial. Smoltz, a sure Hall of Fame pitcher who now enjoys an acclaimed broadcasting career, tried to iron out the differences (I had to) between public perception and what he believes is the truth.

“That is the most false thing I’ve ever heard,” Smoltz told Sporting News in 1996. “That got created six years ago, and it never left me. Ironing my shirt while it was on, that’s the most absurd thing.”

Sounds like the defense of a guy who irons his shirts while wearing them.

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