Top 10 Worst Quarterback Playoff Performances

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Top 10 Worst Quarterback Playoff Performances

Before diving into the worst of the worst, let's establish the baseline NFL quarterback playoff performance.

From the seventh overall pick in the draft, one would expect a few playoff wins. Fans certainly expected more than 5 completions out of 12 attempts for 40 yards and 17 carries for 57 yards.

This is what the Baltimore Colts got on Dec. 26, 1965, from Tom Matte in a playoff game at Green Bay. But Matte was a running back and only the emergency quarterback after injuries felled Johnny Unitas and backup Gary Cuozzo earlier in December.

Matte had the plays written on a wristband (in his wife's neat handwriting) took the Colts to a 10-0 lead before losing in overtime to the eventual champion Packers, 13-10. (Thanks to a controversial Green Bay field goal, as well.)

With that in mind, here are our list of The Top 10 Worst NFL Quarterback Playoff Performances (in the 21st Century):

(Compiled by Ben Krimmel)

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