Top 10 Wrong First Picks in NBA Draft

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Top 10 Wrong First Picks in NBA Draft

NBA franchises make immense decisions on draft day, choosing which players get to fulfill their dreams of becoming a professional athlete. To be drafted No. 1 overall, however, is rather distinctive and carries with it a lot of expectation. Often the first player picked is the right choice and leads to long-term success and can bring new hope to the future of the franchise. Sometimes that choice seems obvious, such as Tim Duncan in 1997.

More intriguing instances, from a neutral perspective, occur when the choice is less obvious. And sometimes, it comes down to, essentially, a coin flip between two players. When the second pick turns out better, jubilation for the first pick’s city and franchise is quickly overrun by unmet expectations and comparisons with the other player's success. One of the most famous wrong picks, although not first overall, is Sam Bowie, who was picked second in 1984 by the Portland Trail Blazers, just ahead of some guy named Michael Jordan. Do you think the Blazers want that pick back? But the Houston Rockets, who picked first, can rightly be exonerated for taking Akeem Olajuwon.

So will it be Karl-Anthony Towns or Jahlil Okafor going No. 1? Will the Minnesota Timberwolves live to regret their choice? With this year's draft coming up on Thursday, here are The Top 10 Wrong First Picks in NBA Draft.

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