Top 10 Wrongly Built or Misused Stadiums

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Top 10 Wrongly Built or Misused Stadiums

It's no secret that World Cups and Olympic Games often leave stadiums where no one needs them, and with Brazil 2014 coming to a close, it's hard not to agree with what many Brazilian protesters have been saying all along: that the money and labor spent could have been better used elsewhere. The venues looked great on camera, but the reality of their construction and readiness was far less shiny in the days leading up to the tournament. In fact, Brazil has been very fortunate that there were no larger tragedies than the Belo Horizonte highway overpass that collapsed on July 3.

One of the most highly criticized construction is the stadium built in Manaus, the Arena da Amazonia. Tucked way up in the northwest of Brazil in the Amazon rain forest, the stadium doesn't seem to have much purpose in a post-World Cup world. It's not hard to imagine the stadium as a decrepit and haunting reminder of Brazil's excessive spending in just a few years - much like the remains of the Olympics in Athens (softball field pictured above) or Beijing.

But it's not just Olympic and World Cup stadiums that fall into dis- or misuse. Here are our Top 10 Wrongly Built or Misused Stadiums.

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