Top 10 Sports Documentaries

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Top 10 Sports Documentaries

Who says documentaries are only for critics? Two films of this genre, released last week, have unleashed a storm of controversy, not to mention trash talking, all the way to the pages of the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

To be sure, ESPN's The Fab Five and HBO's Runnin' Rebels of UNLV timed their releases for just when the entire nation was about to plunge into March Madness. And these two documentaries, featuring villains that dominate the NCAA tournament (Duke and the NCAA, respectively), did more than tell the stories of a group of kids or a outcast basketball program. They also described their times and states of mind.

The release of these two contemporary films, along with the yearlong ESPN series 30 for 30, has given the genre quite a boost. But sports documentaries are by no means a recent phenomenon. They're been around for three-quarters of a century, covering sports as mainstream as boxing and basketball and as unconventional as surfing and skateboarding.

With emphasis on the films' transcendent values and quality of the presentation, these are our Top 10 Sports Documentaries of All Time:

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