Top 10 NFL QB Busts
#10 Giovanni Carmazzi
Posted On 05.17, 2013

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(Introduction and methodology on how this list came about)

Carmazzi is the only quarterback not drafted in the first round to make this list. Though he's not a first-rounder, we made a special exemption for him because of the extraordinary circumstances involving his short (and non-existent) NFL career.

In 2000, Carmazzi was drafted out of Hofstra by the San Francisco 49ers with the third pick in the third round (65th overall). He is the highest picked quarterback in the study period not to play a single down in the NFL. In fact, during that decade, only one other quarterback drafted in the first three rounds failed to appear in a single game before washing out of the NFL: David Greene (2005, 85th overall).

Carmazzi’s flop was especially glaring and egregious because of two other factors: 1) he was taken by Bill Walsh, the genius who acquired and groomed Hall of Fame quarterbacks Joe Montana and Steve Young; 2) the 2000 class was rich with quarterbacks, with a total of 12 taken in the draft, including two future Pro Bowlers Marc Bulger (6th round, 168th) and yep, Tom Brady (6th round, 199).

The 49ers drafted Carmazzi in the hopes that he’d become Young’s heir apparent, but he was never able to wrest that job away from Jeff Garcia, an undrafted free agent who flourished and became a Pro Bowler himself. Carmazzi lasted just two seasons after failing to win the backup job from Tim Rattay, whom the 49ers took in the same draft in the seventh round.

  • Drafted- 2000, 3rd round, 65th overall (San Francisco 49ers), 2nd QB taken
  • Years in NFL (with original team) – 2 (2)
  • Games started – 0
  • Record as starter (for original team)- 0-0 (0%)
  • Starting percentage – 0%
  • Passer rating – 0.0


#9 Rex Grossman ››

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