Top 10 Traditional American Sporting Events

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Top 10 Traditional American Sporting Events

For such a relatively young country, America has a long history of traditional sporting events.

Seemingly engrained in our country’s fiber and sewn into the Stars and Stripes itself, as America has grown and matured, so too has sport, always there, representing only the most sincere and fundamental of our country’s ideals.  

Throughout the year, the most American of holidays are crisscrossed with events from the sporting landscape: the Rose Bowl is held on New Year’s Day; the U.S. Open coincides with Labor Day; the Indy 500 races on Memorial Day weekend.

But tradition knows no calendar.  In April alone, we saw the Boston Marathon (the country’s oldest race), the Masters (the unofficial start of Spring) and the Penn Relays (oldest and largest track and field competition in the United States).  And this week the Little League World Series showcases America's youth playing America's pastime.

The LLWS is just one of many events to celebrate the American way of life, through history and tradition, and often pomp and circumstance, too. From the Rose Bowl to the Army-Navy football game, these are our Top 10 Traditional American Sporting Events.

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