Top 10 Traditional American Sporting Events

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3. Kentucky Derby

The American Saga of the 19th century is a story of westward expansion made possible by the relationship between man and horse.  The Kentucky Derby celebrates this bond, while also adding the equally American spectacle of rich people blowing large wads of money on their inconsequential hobbies.  Its two symbols are the most American of flowers (the Roses they Run For) and the quintessential American spirit (bourbon, sweetened to unrecognizability with sugar and mint).

The Kentucky Derby raised the bar for horseracing in the United States.  Kentucky became the top breeding ground for thoroughbreds, and the Derby the most well-known race.  It is the one chase a general sports fan will pay any attention to, for the simple reason that whoever wins it becomes the only horse that can win the elusive Triple Crown.

Grab a Mint Julep and enjoy the historic Kentucky Derby -- the most exciting two minutes in sports.

Top 10 Traditional American Sporting Events

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