Top 10 Traditional American Sporting Events

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10. Little League World Series

There may be nothing more American in sports than baseball - particularly with children taking part in the country’s pastime.

Every summer, Little Leaguers are given the chance to live out some of their baseball diamond dreams in Williamsport, Pa.  Since 1947, the sleepy Pennsylvania town has hosted the Little League World Series every year, quickly earning its place among American sports traditions. Just six years after its inception, the event was nationally televised, and announced by Howard Cosell on the radio.

While the event itself took an international turn in 1957, when Mexico became the first foreign team to win (now the final always pits the US champion against the international champion), the event still remains a shining beacon of pure Americana, both for those playing and for those just watching on the hill.

Top 10 Traditional American Sporting Events

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