Top 10 Traitors in Sports

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Most Expensive Booze in Utah

In 2004 it seemed like the Cavs were well-positioned to build a team that would challenge for NBA supremacy for years to come. They had superstar LeBron James and what appeared to be the perfect No. 2 to go along with him in Carlos Boozer.

That offseason the Cavs had a one-year option they could exercise on Boozer at the low rate of $695,000, but they chose to let him out of this deal with the understanding that he would re-sign with Cleveland at a proposed six years for $39 million. Once released from his deal Boozer did not sign with the Cavs, but rather went to Utah where he was offered a 6-year, $68 million contract, which Cleveland could not match.

Boozer maintains that he never promised the Cavaliers anything, but they sung a different tune in Cleveland. Although not written in Comic Sans, the Cavs owners did respond with a letter to the fans. Then-owner Gordon Gund wrote, “In the final analysis, I decided to trust Carlos and show him the respect he asked for. He did not show that trust and respect in return.” Had Boozer stayed in Cleveland who knows how everything would have played out with James down the road.

Top 10 Traitors in Sports

3 / 11
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