Top 10 Unwritten Rules of Sport

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Don't Bunt to Break Up a No-Hitter

This rule is a little more complicated and debated than some of the others. There are of course caveats. The rule doesn’t apply right away. Clearly, the leadoff hitter in the first inning can bunt without any backlash. It’s not until at least the fifth inning of a no-hitter where this rule comes into play.

The second part is a bunt is still a legitimate way to get on base if the game is close. If it’s a blowout, it’s frowned upon to lay down the bunt.

Evan Longoria was recently in the nebulous area on both of these fronts. On May 9, Longoria stepped to the plate to face Oakland's Dallas Braden. The A’s led 4-0 in the fifth inning and Braden had so far been perfect against the Rays. Longoria laid down a drag bunt that went foul and then Braden struck him out. Braden completed the perfect game but had Longoria reached base on that bunt, he would’ve had his share of critics.

Top 10 Unwritten Rules In Sports

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