Top 10 Unwritten Rules of Sport

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Hockey's Trophy Laws

In hockey, more than any other sport, it’s all about the trophy. Touching the Stanley Cup is every player’s top goal – and you can only touch the Cup if you’ve earned it. It is an unwritten rule that you aren’t to touch the Cup until you've won it.

Even when NHL players are in the presence of the Cup, they dare not touch it. When Marc, Jordan and Jared Staal were partying with the Cup when their brother Eric Staal won it in 2006 with the Hurricanes, despite how much they desired it, none of them would lay a finger on the Cup - even though it was right in front of them. If you play in the NHL, you just don’t touch the Cup until it’s yours. Jordan Staal finally got his chance to touch the Cup last year when the Penguins won, Marc and Jared are still awaiting their turn on the most precious of all trophies.

And it’s not just the Stanley Cup that has unwritten rules that go along with it. The hockey world also believes that you are not to touch the Prince of Wales Trophy (for winning the Eastern Conference) or the Clarence C. Campbell Bowl (for winning the Western Conference) even when you do win them. The belief is that the Stanley Cup is the only trophy worth hoisting and celebrating. This year the Blackhawks upheld that tradition, as Jonathan Toews didn’t even look happy to be standing next to the Campbell Bowl. But the Flyers went against superstition as Mike Richards held up the Wales Trophy, just as Sidney Crosby and the Penguins did last year.

Top 10 Unwritten Rules In Sports

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