When Animals Attack

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When Animals Attack

As humans, we go about our daily lives, largely uninterrupted by animals. This includes sports, where we play our games and score our points, oblivious to the nature around us. Certainly this cannot last forever. Eventually, the animals will rise up, and reclaim their wilderness.

If you follow the Cleveland Indians, then you know that it has already begun. Last month, in the bottom of the 10th inning, a line drive off the bat of Shin-Soo Choo bounced off a sea gull, rolled past Royals’ centerfielder Coco Crisp, and allowed the Indians to score the winning run.

But perhaps this was only the latest instance of animals playing their part in our sports. In Spain, a bull jumped into the stands, wreaking havoc. Two years ago, it was midges in Cleveland that affected a baseball game, swarming around the head of Joba Chamberlain. A buffalo has run wild, a kangaroo has joined up with a golfing foursome and a hawk has terrorized an NBA game.

In sports, the results are always unpredictable, often chaotic, and sometimes dangerous: the Top 10 Times When Animals Attack

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