Top 10 Work Stoppages in Sports

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8. 1972 MLB Strike

Duration: April 1-13, 1972 (13 days)

Effect on the Season: A total of 86 games were canceled and never made up. Most teams lost from six to eight games, with the Astros and Padres missing nine games each, the most in the league. As a result of the missed games, the Detroit Tigers played one more game than the Boston Red Sox and ended up beating them out for the AL East division crown by one-half game.

The first strike in Major League Baseball - and professional sports - history wasn’t incredibly long, but it was important for setting the scene for future labor disputes. The major issues at the heart of the disagreement were player pensions and binding arbitration.

Result: Owners agreed to a $500,000 increase in pension fund payments. The players were not paid for the missed games, but gained the right to salary arbitration.

Fallout: Arbitration is still a big part of the game today, but more importantly the players realized how much power they truly had. It didn’t take long after this victory for the players to usher in the free agency era.

Top 10 Work Stoppages in Sports

4 / 11
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