Worst Acting Performances By Athletes

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Worst Acting By Athletes

Athletes love the attention and fame they get from playing sports. This celebrity craving often results in them trying their hand in other forms of entertainment, with varying levels of success. Several try musical careers, usually unsuccessfully, as we've shown here.  Others, perhaps fearful that the recording booth is too small for them, head straight to the big screen to show that their seventh grade drama class wasn't just an elective-filler.

This can result in great performances and lucrative second careers, including Oakland Raider Carl Weathers' fantastic portrayal of Apollo Creed in the Rocky movies, as well as his performance as Chubbs in Happy Gilmore, and his role of himself in Arrested Development (“Baby, you got a stew goin.’”).  But more often than not, it results in catastrophe.

And of course, it’s far more enjoyable to look at the athletes who have failed miserably, which we do here, with the Top 10 Worst Acting Performance by Athletes.

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