1 of 11 : Top 10 Regrettable NFL Draft Picks
Top 10 Regrettable NFL Draft Picks
Top 10 Regrettable NFL Draft Picks

Drafting a bust is easy. Every team at one point or another has taken a gamble on a player that hasn't paid off in a big way. A pick is regrettable with the added ingredient of the success of players overlooked. One of the best non-football examples in recent years was the pick of Greg Oden over Kevin Durant. At the time many felt it was a toss-up decision, that either player would be a franchise cornerstone for years. Now, not so much. In football, think Alex Smith over Aaron Rodgers in 2005.

Like the Colts with Andrew Luck in 2012, this year we know Tampa Bay wants Jameis Winston with the top pick. Winston is definitely a high-risk choice, but the Buccaneers have done some serious digging and seem satisfied. Still, they may find themselves five or 10 years from now watching Marcus Mariota hoist the Lombardi Trophy, thinking about what might have been.

Anyone can go bust in just a couple of years, and some of the perceived busts might rebound (as Alex Smith did). Only time can show which choices are truly worth losing sleep over - passing over players at the same position who eneded up as Hall of Famers. Here are our Top 10 Regrettable NFL Draft Picks.