Top 10 Worst Owners in Sports

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3. Fail to the Redskins

Dan Snyder, chairman of the board and majority owner of Six Flags, purchased the Redskins in 1999. Since that time he has turned the Redskins into a rollercoaster.

In 1999, the Redskins had their best season since winning the Super Bowl in 1991; this also is the best season they’ve had during Snyder’s tenure. Seemingly unsatisfied with a team that was coming together and had a promising future, Snyder opened up his wallet and signed the players that he wanted, regardless of how they fit in with the team. Despite a Pro Bowl season from Brad Johnson, Snyder brought in Jeff George and pushed heavily for him as the starting QB. Snyder also shelled out big money to bring in an aging Deion Sanders and an over-the-hill Bruce Smith.

In 2000, with the Skins still in the playoff race at 7-6, Snyder was unsatisfied and fired Norv Turner. The team promptly lost its next two games and fell out of playoff contention. The trend of overspending and underperforming would continue under Snyder’s reign. In 2002 (after showing promise by finishing the previous season 8-3 down the stretch), Snyder finally brought in the coach he wanted from the start, Steve Spurrier. The Redskins were a complete joke under the Ol' Ball Coach, and he quit after two years.

After so many failed choices, Snyder finally let go of some control over team decisions and brought back the Redskins' legendary coach Joe Gibbs. When Gibbs retired, four seasons and two playoff appearances later, he left his handpicked successor in place, defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, ready to assume the head coaching job.

Rather than listen to Gibbs’ suggestion, Snyder fired Gregg Williams, failed to bring in Bill Cowher, and brought in Jim Zorn, the QB coach from Seattle, to lead the team. Zorn, a supposed offensive genius, has struggled mightily as a head coach and Snyder has already begun wooing big-name replacements.

Snyder has done well from a business standpoint, as the Redskins are the second-most valuable franchise in the NFL. He has used various pricing techniques and even gone as far as to sue season ticket holders to ensure that the Redskins remain profitable.

Gift Suggestion: A safe with an unknown combination. The best thing for the Redskins may be to stop overspending and starting building.

Worst Owners in Sports

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