Top 10 Worst Owners in Sports

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Worst Owners in Professional Sports

National Boss Day is Friday, so make sure to get a card to thank your boss for cutting your pay and making you come in to the office this weekend. It’s hard for people to celebrate their bosses, as it's human nature to dislike being told what to do. People always want to blame those in charge for the missteps of an organization, and nowhere is this more prevalent than in pro sports.

The owners have the ultimate say when it comes to their teams, so when things go poorly, it’s the coach or the GM’s fault. But when things go poorly for an extended period of time, the blame falls on the owners. Owners can be bad for a number of reasons, including refusal to spend money, refusal to step aside, and off-the-court controversy.

Recently, a group including controversial political pundit Rush Limbaugh was trying to buy the St. Louis Rams. Limbaugh would immediately become one of the most controversial owners in sports for his opinions and actions, but he’d only be a minority owner (and on Wednesday, he was dropped from the group).

There are plenty of owners across all four major U.S. sports that have run their franchises into the ground who make up the Top 10 Worst Owners in Professional Sports. And, in honor of National Boss Day, we gave the fans of these destitute franchises a suggestion of a present to give each owner.

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