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RealClearSports, a sister site of RealClearPolitics, RealClearWorld and RealClearMarkets, is a sports page of sports pages and a trusted news source to the most thoughtful daily sports commentary.

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In an interview with Mediate, columnist Bill Simmons was asked "How do you get your first news of the day?" to which he answered ", RealClearSports ..."

"Real Clear Sports is a twice-daily stop for me. Simple. Convenient. Insightful. Elegant."
-- Erik Rydholm, Creator and Executive Producer of Pardon The Interruption

" is organized, comprehensive and accessible. Rather than sort through two dozen newspaper web sites, I go to Real Clear Sports. It's as essential to being a respectable sportswriter as a complimentary breakfast or a free shirt."
-- Richard Justice, Houston Chronicle and Sporting News

" provides me with a quick rundown of the top stories from newspaper websites across the country."
-- Kathy Kudravi, CNN Sports Editorial Director

"RCS is pretty awesome. Great stories. Easy access. Bookmark it."
-- Bill Plaschke, Los Angeles Times

"I visit RealClearSports, The Big Lead, Deadspin and"
-- Jason Whitlock, Fox and Kansas City Star

"There are three givens in my everyday life: deadline, dinner, and a daily dose of Real Clear Sports. And I could probably get by without the first two."
-- Mike Vaccaro, New York Post

"I don't know any site like this that offers a more intelligent and thorough of a discussion of sports than Real Clear Sports. It's one of the great spots in the modern media for everyone in sports."
-- Dan Wetzel, Yahoo! Sports

"I come to RealClearSports at least twice a day for my fix."
-- Gregg Doyel, CBS

"It's RealClear: If you love lively debate as much as sports, this is the site for you."
-- Mark Kiszla, Denver Post

"Spanning the continent, RealClearSports rises above the cacophony of voices to shine a light on the athletes and teams making news. It's the double espresso of sports Web sites, providing invigorating jolts of insight with a click."
-- Karen Crouse, New York Times

"I love the lists by Real Clear."
-- Jean Jacques Taylor, Dallas Morning News

From the "Best of" Issue of the Washingtonian: "Local sports-media veterans pick their favorite blogs and Web sites: Christine Brennan of USA Today likes Real Clear Sports, sister site to Real Clear Politics, with links to news and opinion around the country. "It's like a modern-day clipping service."

“ gives me the best the internet has to offer from the world of sports in one convenient location. After, it's the sports site I hit every day to stay on top of what everybody is talking about.”
-– Bill Ruhl, Director of Production, CBS

"In an ever-crowded blogosphere, visiting RealClearSports every day helps point me to the most relevant sports journalism out there, in addition to what's hot on the Internet. It's a must-stop destination for serious fans and those in the business."
-- Jim Barrero, Editor, ESPN Los Angeles