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Site Traffic

  • 62% visit RealClearSports daily
  • 72% bookmarked the web site
  • Average time spent on the site: 7 minutes (Google Analytics May 2011)

Reader Profile Highlights

Age and Gender
  • 97% male, 3% female
  • Average visitor is 45 years old
  • 87% have a college degree or higher
  • 40% have a postgraduate degree
  • Average HHI is $110,560
  • 58% have a HHI of $75,000+ annually
  • 15% have a HHI of $200,000+ annually
Executive Influence
  • 20% have a C-Level title
  • 30% are directors, managers or vice presidents
Site Statistics

Unless otherwise noted, percentages and statistics are based on data from the 2009 Qualtrics, Inc. survey.