Counterpoint: LaMelo Ball Is a Tremendous Cherry Picker


LaMelo ball scored 92 points in Chino Hills 146-123 victory over visiting Los Osos, including 41 points in the eight-minute fourth quarter.

But the video evidence seems to indicate some serious cherry picking. Ball looks utterly disinterested in even coming close to playing defense. He hardly gets across midcourt. These several plays aren't indicative of his entire basketball career, but they're not a good look.

The opposing coach, Dave Smith, told the Los Angeles Times it was “a joke.” He said several of Ball's teammates were fouling on purpose in order to keep the clock from running out and denying Ball more points.

“That’s wrong,” Smith told the LA Times. “It goes against everything CIF stands for. The Ball boys are very talented and great players, but it’s embarrassing to high school athletics. I’ve been coaching for 35 years, and we’ve turned high school athletics into individualism."

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