Shannon Sharpe: For Some Athletes 'There's No More Just Stick to Sports'


New England Patriots tight end Martellus Bennett and defensive back Devin McCourty said they will not attend the White House when the team visits to celebrate their Super Bowl win.

On FS1's "Undisputed," Shannon Sharpe said that he believes this is something that will continue. “We’re starting to see athletes saying, ‘I do not only want athletic greatness. I want moral greatness as well,'" Sharpe said.

"You are starting to see athletes take...much more of a stance," Sharpe said. "Because in the past, if you had a brand, you were making money, you do not do anything to upset the brand makers or the people that [are] buying that product."

Skip Bayless pointed out that the players who choose not to attend the White House because of President Donald Trump's policies are acting as individuals and not as a team. "If they don't want to go, I'm great with that. But now it becomes their individual interests...versus the team concept," Bayless said.

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