Cowherd: Romo Is Not Going to Chicago or Denver


Colin Cowherd says Tony Romo isn't going to play for the Chicago Bears or the Denver Broncos. Instead Cowherd argues the Houston Texans and the Arizona Cardinals are the most likely candidates for Romo to choose from when he presumably hits free agency.

"Why in the world would he go to the Bears?" Cowherd says. "It makes no sense at all. They're a mess. It's cold weather. They play in a cold weather division."

Cowherd is certainly right about Romo not going to the Bears because the franchise is devoid of talent and direction. And he may be right that the cold makes it a non-starter. However, Romo went to college at Eastern Illinois and cold weather didn't prevent another quarterback from a non-cold environment coming off an injury extend his career and win a Super Bowl: Peyton Manning.

Should note that Manning only won after defensive-minded head coach John Fox, currently the with the Bears, was fired and Gary Kubiak was hired.

The team not on Cowherd's list that makes a lot of sense for Romo: the Kansas City Chiefs.

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