Steph Curry Hated By Fellow Superstars?


Steph Curry is used to thousands of people adulating his every move on a nightly basis. Even when the Golden State superstar plays on the road, fans show up early to watch him practice in hopes of snapping a video or picture of the new face of the NBA.

But according to Fox Sports' Chris Broussard, the most famous faces he interacts with don't feel the same way. Broussard believes that the NBA's fellow superstars, including LeBron James, Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook, don't like Curry for a combination of reasons.

"This is rooted in the competitiveness that these players have," Broussard said on Undisputed, "and the jealousy that comes with competitiveness if someone outshines you."

Curry's challenge of the embedded league stars like James has allegedly left a bad taste in the mouth of the league's best players. It doesn't help that Curry constantly goes up against rarely plays defense against the NBA's top offensive playmakers.

"With Russ and Chris, this is rooted in Steph getting all this praise," Broussard said. "You're the best point guard in the league, but you won't guard us."

As Curry leads the Warriors to their third NBA Finals run in three consecutive seasons, the hate will surely continue to grow. Will Curry take a heel turn like James did for a spell in Miami, or will his charm and flashy play negate any negative attention?

What do you think?

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